Talentum Sweden AB
Jakobsbergsgatan 22

Tel: +46 8 796 66 50
E-m: info@talentum.se

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Talentum Sweden is a publishing house targeting decision-makers and specialists within the fields of technology, IT, economy, law and labour law.

The company publishes the following publications in Sweden: Affärsvärlden, Ny Teknik, Lag&Avtal, Konsultguiden plus the corresponding websites; www.nyteknik.se, www.affarsvarlden.se, and www.lag-avtal.se and a number of online news letters.


Affärsvärlden provides qualified analyses of companies and industy to top corporate
executives, investors, financial analysts and managers making financial and economic decisions.
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Ny Teknik is Sweden’s largest technology and IT newspaper. The weekly title covers sectors such as biotechnology, energy, environment, industry, IT and telecom.
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  Lag & Avtal reports on laws and regulations concerning the labour market.
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Konsultguiden provides analyses of various consultant services as well as a unique ranking of Sweden’s 354 largest firms of consultants.
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